Summer Memories #Judaica

This week, we’re taking a look back at one of the things that makes The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp super unique – and so amazingly popular… can you guess? It’s our Israeli and Judaic Programming! And who better to talk to than our 2011 Director of Judaic Programming, Mr. Kevin Knopman himself!

Judaic programming is a central part of The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp: “We have gone from a simple Judaica specialty, to having Shlichim bring the spirit of Israel and run specialties that reflect judaic content and Israeli culture, to our current specialists looking for ways to take their programs such as basketball, dance, drama or nature and add their own bit of Judaic content that way.” – Kevin

Our Israeli Shlichim, brought to us through the Jewish Agency for Israel and the JCC Association, spend the whole summer sharing their culture with Canadian families and campers. Over the years, we’ve had many specialties that our Shlichim have made their own: this year they were Israeli Culture, Judaica, Israeli Music, and Israeli Nature. Let us know if you would like the unique opportunity to house our summer Shilchim this summer.

Do you remember the names of our Shlichim in 2011? Dora, Diego, Dr. Israel, and Barney, right? No? Oh yea, it’s Imri, Dor, Yeara and Etai! They were an integral part of our memorable Judaic Programming this year. Kevin helped our Shlichim and all of our campers to experience amazing Oneg Shabbat programming each Friday, while reminding us about important Jewish values all summer long! Kevin says “it is a unique opportunity to work with the Shlichim.  While we bring Shlichim every year, each group has their own style, skills and attitude that make the programming different every year.  The four we had this year were a great group.  They worked well together, had phenomenal programs, and really showed their ruach and camp spirit.  They were truly a part of the camp.”

And that doesn’t even touch on Israel Day – but you can read about that in the blog from a couple weeks ago! Theme Days at Centre Camp!

From Kevin and Sammy, have a wonderful Blogsday



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