The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp is proud to be a fully accredited member of the Ontario Camping Association, which monitors our commitment to high standards of quality in camping.

During our last OCA standards visits, we impressed the OCA representatives:
“I was immediately impressed with the friendliness, warmth and hospitality displayed by both the leaders and the campers at The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp; there was a wonderful feeling – a spirit – that seemed to exist at all of the activities. Keep up the good work!” (OCA)

We have a very experienced and dedicated team whose goal it is to ensure your child(ren) have the same impactful and memorable camp experiences that we once did. Read our biographies below to find out a little more about our leadership team.


Camp Director

Phil Faibish has been the Director of The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp since 2011, and has been affiliated with the camp for 25+ years as a camper, C.I.T. seasonal and full-time staff member. He’s known as the face of the camp, bringing a contagious positive attitude, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and an unrivaled passion for the camping industry. From the early days at the Prosserman JCC’s Sherman Campus to its current home at the Schwartz Reisman Centre, Phil has helped  grow and expand the camp, and has also helped to strengthen its reputation as a leader in the Jewish community.
Throughout the year, you’ll find Phil managing the full-time camp team, ensuring that camp continues to grow and reach new limits. During the summer, he’s widely recognized among campers and staff alike, having served seven summers as the Centre Field unit-head, one summer as the Program Director, and more importantly, four-time acclaimed winner of CC Survivor (one of Camp’s oldest traditions!)

Phil’s love for camp is evident in the passion he brings to his job every single day. As part of the management team, he works tirelessly to ensure that every child has an unforgettable camping experience – much like his own. Look out for Phil in the summer with his cell phone in-hand looking for those classic #philfie (Phil selfies!) moments. Feel free to reach out to him at the camp office at 416.638.1881 x4299, via email at or on Facebook: Phil Faibish Centre Camp 


Assistant Camp Director

Adam Kertesz  has been a part of the full time camp staff team since 2012. Originally from Montreal (Go Habs Go!), his passion for Jewish camping began at a young age and he considers himself incredibly fortunate to be able to work at camp for a living. He is thrilled to be back for his 5th summer as the Director of the Specialty Camps program.  Camp is undergoing an exciting evolution this year and the growth of our camp kehilah will be awesome to be a part of.

One of the greatest perks of the job for Adam is the ability to help shape the future of the Jewish community in the GTA.  Through the amazing staff development initiatives we have designed, and the the creative and innovative programs we offer, he has no doubt The Jack and Pat Kay Centre is the best camp experience in the GTA. Throughout the year Adam oversees all Specialty Camp planning, all camp programming, staff recruitment and development.  During the summer, Adam will be overseeing the Specialty Camps, which include long time popular programs such as Centre Field Sports and Centre Stage Performing Arts, as well as many brand new ones such as Soccer, Cooking, Dance, Adventure, Robotics, Fine Arts and Multimedia. We know you are going to love these new camp programs! Check them all out here! If you have any questions for Adam or just want to chat, you can reach him at 416.636.1881 x4340 or or feel free to message him on Facebook


Hebrew Camp Program Director

Maya Wenger, our Kochavim-Hebrew Immersion Program Director, joined the camp team in 2014. She was extremely excited to be a part of this pilot program and is thrilled to be running the growing program for the fourth summer. She is dedicated to teaching our campers the Hebrew language and strengthening their connection to Israel. For the past three summers, she has developed a program that has become part of the camp tradition and is extremely excited to continue to infuse camp with Hebrew. Maya believes in the power of informal Jewish education and learning language in the inspiring invite that is camp!

Throughout the year, you can find Maya in our year-round camp office working on new, creative, and innovative ways to enhance our rich Kochavim program. She also plays a large role in our Winter Break, March Break, and Passover Camp programs. During the summer she manages the Kochavim program as well as our Shlichim (Israeli Staff). Maya is also part of a new JCC imitative that will help infuse Israeli and Judaic culture at the JCC! If you have any questions for Maya or want to chat in ivrit, she can be reached at 416.638.1881 x4295 or