HIRING: Camp Administrator – full time position for fall 2018 – interviews July/August  (click to download job posting)


The JCC’s of Greater Toronto encourages applicants from all qualified candidates. Our facility is fully accessible. Please contact Adam Kertesz at 416-638-1881 #4340 if you need any accommodation at any stage of the application process or want more information on our accommodation policies.


Benefits of Joining our Team


From Michael Eisner at Disney to Jack Welch at General Electric, if you look at the individuals who have been at the top of the business world for the later half of the twentieth century almost every single one of them has identified working at camp as a defining moment in their life. The skills, experiences, and memories that one can create at The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp are transferable to almost any field one would want to pursue.

We strive to ensure that our staff get the most of their time with us. While you work to ensure that campers are enjoying themselves, growing, and developing the tools that they will need to be successful in their early lives, we are constantly striving to do the same for you.

A job at camp, working with children, can be one of the most rewarding experiences you ever have: teaching social, creative, activity and living skills to children; helping them grow and change; challenging them to think and appreciate everything around them. In addition to a plethora of transferable skills that will help develop and strengthen your skill set, below is a list of other reasons why you should choose The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp.

FRIENDS FROM ISRAEL – Our summer Schlichim program brings in a group of energetic, dynamic, and passionate Israelis to inject Israeli culture into our program. It also gives you as staff the opportunity to make new friends and experience Israel through the stories of young Israeli citizens. Lifelong friendships have been developed through this incredibly rewarding program.

A JOB EXPERIENCE – We will push your creative, organizational, and inter-personal skills to the limit. With new and exciting challenges happening on a daily basis, working at camp is a great thing to put on your resume regardless of what field you plan to pursue in the future.

GUIDANCE FROM EXPERIENCED CAMP STAFF – With us, you have the opportunity to work with teachers and social workers, in addition to individuals with their law and business degrees. All of this life and work experience means that you can have guidance that transcends the camp world as we want to ensure that you are successful in all avenues of your life.

PRE-CAMP TRAINING – It is your job to ensure that our campers have a fun and educational summer experience. It is our job to ensure that both fun and education occurs during our pre-camp training session. Head and specialty staff will participate in a long weekend getaway where they will develop the tools to guarantee a successful summer. Our general staff will join us at the Prosserman JCC and Schwartz/Reisman Centre for a training experience that is professional, applicable, and entertaining all at the same time.

COMPETITIVE SALARIES – We prides itself on providing summer salaries that are competitive with other day camps in Ontario.

STAFF RECREATION/EVENTS – We understand that working with 250 people for two months creates an amazing opportunity to make new friends. We try to facilitate that process by planning exciting staff recreational events where staff can unwind and strengthen these friendships. Throughout the summer expect fun outings that cater to all tastes and at the end of the summer get ready for the always highly anticipated CC Staff Banquet. If you would like to get involved with planning, please contact Adam at adam@centrecamp.ca

DAILY MENTORING and CONTINUAL TRAINING – Our supportive staff structure ensures that each and every staff member has a mentor they can turn to in order to help in their development and training. In addition, our weekly staff meetings are tools we use to update skills and continue the training that began during the pre-camp session.

LEARNING ABOUT YOURSELF – Learning to problem-solve, listen and work with children can provide you with the greatest satisfaction – one that will stay with you. There is a job to be done. You can learn while you are doing it, you can help youngsters grow and change, and you can achieve a deep sense of personal satisfaction from doing a job well.

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During the year and throughout the summer, we will post all relevant information to the summer here, including the Staff Manual, fun and creative programming, how to fill out certain forms, how to submit documents to your ‘myaccount’, and more.



From east to west, Centre Camp is the Best! We are Habima, Shaboom, Sha-sha-shaboom! I said a heidy heidy heidyho! CCW and Overnights at the Bathurst JCC!

Centre Camp… WHAT TIME IS IT!??

Over the past 28 years, some amazing people have been a part of The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp’s great history. We’ve heard some amazing songs and cheers and seen incredible dances, costumes and wacky personalities! The one thing that remains constant are the The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp traditions. They helped create memories that you hold near and dear to your heart and they are what keeps us going every year. Many staff who met at The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp are now married with campers of their own.

Help us keep our traditions alive and relive those memories with The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp Alumni that you may have lost touch with at our yearly reunions. For more information about alumni events, special camp pricing, or to get on our Alumni mailing list, please contact Phil Faibish, Camp Director.

Where did you grow up?
At Centre Camp… WHERE?
At Centre Camp… OH!