Camp for everyone

Working to create a camp experience to enrich the lives of both campers and staff is something in which we take grate pride. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that all families can fit into their budget.

We want to give all kids the opportunity to come to camp, to be a part of the experience and learn about their culture in a meaningful way, alongside their peers. This is why we offer a limited number of need-based scholarships.

Our camp scholarship program allows our camp families to apply for a financial subsidy on their camp fees. Families may qualify depending on a combination of their yearly spending and income. Our program is geared to help families of different financial and social backgrounds including single income families, single parent families, families with low incomes, families coping with a recent loss, families supporting children with medical conditions associated with high “out of pocket” costs and other concerns.

Applying for our subsidy is a simple process that includes clicking a button in the camp application, then completing a form. Families should fill out their camp application, selecting “yes” to the question asking if they would like to inquire about financial assistance. Their application will be inputted as “pending” and will never be made official without consent from the camp family. Camp families will then receive a camp scholarship application from Bryan, our office manager, within one week of application. Families will then need to submit the camp scholarship application along with their most recent notice of assessment within one week. At that point, our camp administration team assesses each application on an individual basis and will inform the applicants of their results via email within two weeks.

At this point, camp families can choose to accept the camp scholarship and pay a deposit for camp, thus officially enrolling for camp, or choose to decline the scholarship and cancel their application with absolutely no financial penalty.

We, like you, believe every child deserves to experience Jewish camp. Please don’t let financial barriers prevent you from giving us a try.

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