Inclusion at camp

The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp philosophy is to create a memorable camping experience for children of all abilities. Camping is a wonderful social experience and at The Jack and Pat Kay Centre Camp we recognize and celebrate how special and unique we all are!

Our engaging, fun, enthusiastic and dynamic program is designed to ensure everyone is successful and enjoys everything our day camp offers.

We work together with our families and other skilled professionals to offer every child a unique summer experience. We are committed to create a safe, enthusiastic, and creative environment in order to promote each camper’s growth, independence and self-confidence.

Our goal is to offer all campers a safe, exciting and integrated summer experience. The level of support for each camper will be determined based on their individual needs and may change depending on the activity and time of the day.

The people we had direct contact with in the inclusion program were phenomenal. Not only did [your staff] ensure our daughters felt included as a camper but [they] impacted the girls' experience as well. Honestly we cannot say enough about the fantastic inclusion program you have there! It is obvious that Centre Camp truly cares about the experience of every single camper and strives to help make camp the best possible experience it can be. With heartfelt gratitude to you all.

- MA

The Inclusion Program offers:

  • An initial assessment in order to make an informed decision if our camp is the right fit for the applicant. During the assessment process we may need to consult with other professionals, teachers, therapists, etc. to gain insight on each camper’s background
  • Adaptive and modified programs based on the camper specific needs.
  • Special training for our entire staff team
  • Ongoing communication with the family.
  • Full time Behavioural Specialist on the senior summer staff team

1:1 support
If 1:1 support is necessary, the camp team will be involved to find the best fit for the camper to ensure they are integrated as fully as possible. Support staff will guide and facilitate social interaction and participation.